The Institute for Diabetes Discovery is a Research Institution dedicated to reducing the impact of the disease and its incumbent human, social, and financial costs.

NetMan worked with IDD to efficiently present their tightly woven network of in-house scientists, collaborations with industry and academic institutions, and advisory board comprised of world-renowned scientific leaders in diabetes research to an online audience.

It is our experience that e-business integration has not yet become a complete and common business function.

The mission of NetMan is to provide integrated e-business solutions.

We want to look at OPPORTUNITY. What are the genuine opportunities for business integration — and conversely, what are the warning signs that integration might not be working for a certain business environment.

We want to look closely at what the internal interface and management systems are.

If they are manual, what software is in place?

Finally, we are going to look to recommend an e-integration with existing or incoming web site presence that embraces the clients existing, adjusted, or new system of internal management, and external image and communication.

We believe that this new order of [ integrated ] solutions will empower customers and employees creating the future potential of our clients’ business.

We would like to introduce you to two new divisions of our company offering: