GreatSkin Skin Care Products


GreatSkin is an online retailer of skin care products. Greatskin sells physician quality skin care products at the web's lowest prices.

NET MAN developed several segmentation marketing programs including "brand-customized order reminder emails based on your order history," "customized home page featured products based on your physical location in the world as well as your order history, if any," and "targeted new-product release/information alerts based on brands you've expressed interest in."

These programs have resulted in a 30% increase in sales to existing customers.

Subsequently, new customer acquisition marketing is driven by where we see results in the existing-customer efforts.

It is our experience that people just don't read the textual copy on these web pages.

The mission of NET MAN is to avoid answering the phone. It's email or nothing if you want to contact us.

We like to be ELUSIVE. It's not good for business, and that can be a problem some days. Other days we just waste watching YouTube and perusing If you intend on calling us, you MUST have Caller ID turned on, displaying your name, and we must already know who you are - having had prior email communication.

If you were hoping to get some actual hosting information, then let's see what we can do.

What exactly is website hosting ?

We pay a stupid amount of money to have computers with reasonably good, redundant connectivity and backup services. We have those computers operated in enterprice class network operations centers - and they're supposed to be up and running 24/7/365.

In this way, your website is [ always ] available and online. You don't have to be awake for your company to operate online. Your web pages keep getting served, your domain name keeps resolving and your email (usually) keeps coming through.

Is there a cost for website hosting? You betcha! We usually just bill you whatever we feel like - the more we think we can get out of you, the more we charge. Actually, it's more related to the needed redundancy and reliability vs. what your company is able to afford. Most of the classifying gets done on our end - but if you've got questions about other plans, or simply want to pay us more - we'll take it!

We would like to introduce you to two new divisions of our company offering: