GreatSkin Skin Care Products


GreatSkin is an online retailer of skin care products. Greatskin sells physician quality skin care products at the web's lowest prices.

NET MAN developed several segmentation marketing programs including "brand-customized order reminder emails based on your order history," "customized home page featured products based on your physical location in the world as well as your order history, if any," and "targeted new-product release/information alerts based on brands you've expressed interest in."

These programs have resulted in a 30% increase in sales to existing customers.

Subsequently, new customer acquisition marketing is driven by where we see results in the existing-customer efforts.

It is our experience that e-business integration has not yet become a complete and common business function.

The mission of NetMan is to provide integrated e-business solutions.

But that's what we talked about on the home and consulting pages.

What we're trying to do is to see if anybody is actually paying attention to the fact that the textual content on just about every page of this website, except for the consulting, portfolio and posole (recipes) sections, is EXACTLY the same.

Is there a method to this madness, a point?

Well, this [ website ] is for a web design and web programming development company, not for some highfalutin creative writing service. Sure, you're going to need very astute writing on your website to attract and retain customers, but you're only visiting this website to get a visual feel for what NET MAN is doing. We'd be surprised if you've even read this far down the page. If you have, please contact us.

However, now that you've gotten this far, let's see what we can say about writing (yes, we know, this is the design page):

  • Minimum 250 words per each page you want the search engines to find
  • Isolate about 10 "good KEI" keywords using the free associative, competitive and lateral keyword research tool
  • Use the words you choose in natural language, but reasonably frequent appearance on your web pages
  • Content is king - the more, the better - consider articles and newsletter sections of your website
  • A blog and RSS feed can help to digitally spread the word
  • Balance writing for your targets of both humans and search engine spides
  • For the humans, you're going to need benefits oriented copy - that means telling the website visitor what's in it for them. Use "you" not "we."
  • Every page of your site must conclude with at least one "call to action" (do this now by clicking here), so that you steer the visitor through your site and eventually get them to "convert."

We would like to introduce you to two new divisions of our company offering: