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Santa Fe Arts And Culture is a web portal project of New Mexico CultureNet working with NET MAN and the City of Santa Fe Economic Development Division.

NET MAN re-purposes existing content from magazines, the web calendar and audio content partners to distribute via new media vehicles. We use RSS and podcasting to push out dynamic, updated content on an hourly basis. We provide email reminder services and link to related online content from the emails and email newsletters that are sent. This has resulted in a more-than 100% increase of usage, traffic and accessibility to content in these additional formats.

Change your website oil every 3,000 page views, and ask your mechanic to do a systems check every 20,000 visitors and your website should keep running fine for up to 200,000 hits. You did buy an extended warranty, right?

Seriously, wait, if you want serious - go talk to somebody else.

You want to know about UPKEEP. You can certainly get help along those lines from NET MAN - where we have both hourly rates for HTML maintenance (image/text/page changes and additions/deletions) as well as Programming and Consulting.

One thing that is most definitely to your advantage is to look at what we can do with some form of Content Management System (CMS) for your website. This enables you to update the textual and image content of your website yourself.

You already have to assemble the images and text to send to us. With almost no additional work, you can make the changes without waiting for our up-to-10 business day turnaround.

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One simple method of content management is simply to designate specific editable areas of specific pages. We can then insert a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get - almost) program to handle that. You won't be able to add or delete pages on your site, but you can quickly and easily edit existing content.

The next step up would be to look at the modification of an off-the-shelf content management system such as WordPress or Drupal. There will be a programming cost to integrate your website design with such systems.

At the highest level, you can look at customized solutions built to handle exactly the needs that you have. At this level, the sky's the limit - if you can describe it, we can do it... but it'll cost ya.

We would like to introduce you to two new divisions of our company offering: